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Why Employ A Tree Care Professional? The Dangers Of Diy Tree Work

Most of us have trees in our gardens. They may form part of the property boundary, marking out the extent of our home and garden, or provide shade in the middle of the lawn, or a cool corner. Few of us, however, probably pay them much attention. But, just like any other plant, they need care to keep them healthy. One day we may realize that a tree has become too tall, that a branch has died, or that a neighbor is unhappy with the tree hanging over their garden. While it can be tempting to undertake the work yourself, cutting down trees can be a dangerous business. An average of 80 people a year die as a result of carrying out tree work themselves, while many others are injured. Before deciding to dig the tools out of the shed and try some DIY arboreal care, you should consider whether you have the skills and equipment. Height Before beginning, you need to judge how far off the ground the highest branch that you need to reach is. Ladders need to project at least three feet above the branch you plan to cut as, when a branch is cut, the change in weight means that the remaining part will lift up. If the ladder isnt long enough, it will fall, along with anyone standing on it. Also consider if you are able to properly ground the ladder so that its stable and secure. This is even more important when you start using the cutting equipment. Equipment Cutting tools, such as chainsaws and axes, need to be sharp and properly maintained. Dull chainsaws, in particular, can be deadly. The blunter a chainsaw blade, the more force is needed to make the cut. This increases the chance of the operator slipping or the machine kicking back, causing the user to fall. Many people are also unaware of how to use a chainsaw properly, which is often the cause of the machine kicking back. The majority of the average 36,000 injuries a year in the United States caused by chainsaw accidents, are due to kickback. Safety equipment Dont forget your personal protective equipment. Do you have a hard hat, safety glasses, ear defenders, suitable gloves and steel-toed boots? In the case of an accident, these could prevent serious injury or even save your life. Location Power cables and buildings are the main concerns when carrying out tree work. Bringing down a power cable is not only potentially deadly, it could also create major damage, earn you a large fine, be a major inconvenience for a lot of people, and really upset neighborly relations. Damaging your own house would be costly enough; damaging a neighbors property could prove even more so. Gravity Anything falling from height can cause injury or damage, and once a branch or a tree starts falling, there is nothing that can be done to stop it. Even a branch less than an inch thick can cause serious harm. Knowing the correct angle to cut to ensure the branch falls safely can be difficult enough, but factors such as slopes, wind, rot, or the wood splitting unexpectedly can catch even the experts out. As highlighted here, undertaking tree felling or trimming is a difficult job that includes a range of hazards. Get it wrong and it could prove a costly mistake. For the majority of people, this is one gardening task that is best left to the tree care professionals.

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